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Here's What You Get When You Attend Agent To CEO Live
Get 1 on 1 attention and participate in workshop style lessons providing you a blueprint to step out of production and transition into running your business like a CEO.Each attendee will have a blueprint that is specific to their business situation. 
    • Agent To CEO Digital Course Access
    • ​Agent To CEO Workbook with step-by-step Walkthroughs and Exercises.
    • ​Agent To CEO Scale Or Fail T-Shirt
    • ​Kinder Reese University Growth & Training Platform 30-Day Access
    • ​Agent TO CEO Must Read Book Collection
    • ​Exclusive Jay Abraham Exponential Growth Digital Mastery Collection
    • ​1 on 1 Exponential Growth Coaching Special Pricing
    • ​Exclusive Discounts on Tools & Resources
    *Bring A Team Member for Only $297
    This Event Is Going To Change Your Life
    Darren Hardy
    Author, Keynote Speaker, Advisor, Former Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine
    “The accolades for these two gentlemen are extraordinary”
    “ This is the phenomenal thing for me, having been in real estate in a past life myself these two guys sell between 500-800 homes per year so I’m pretty excited to hear how that is possible”
    Jay Abraham
    Business Executive, Conference Speaker, Author
    "There are two gentleman I really respect, Jay Kinder, Michael Reese, and what I respect about them is what they are trying to do, how they are trying to do it, why they are trying to do it, and what doing it has accomplished for people through the process of continues sustained progressive access to them their methods, their mindsets, and their continuous growth.
    Because they keep growing, and they have a desire to hold everybody they collaborate with and everybody at their organization, they refuse to allow you to even grow and then get static. You cannot if you stay associated with them remain on a plateau. That is pretty powerful to know that it is almost impossible."
    The Cost Of Missing Out
    It will cost you so much more not to attend.
    Every day, every week, every month you don’t have a proven system - a process for getting out of your day to day production is stopping you from getting the freedom you are looking for. The price to attend this WORKSHOP is so insanely inexpensive how could you possibly go on doing it the hard way any longer.

    As the market shifts, the professional agents with the right clarity, model, systems, processes, and tools will be the ones that thrive. Don’t make the mistake of falling farther behind when it matters the most. Due to the insanely low cost to attend Agent to CEO Live and the value of the materials you receive, this event will sell out so don’t make the mistake of waiting to lock down your seats.

    Don’t be left behind

    Not investing in your personal and professional growth is the fastest way to mediocrity. Listen, you deserve a better business. More importantly, you deserve a better life. Logically, you know everything you’ve read is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level. This isn’t a leap of faith. This is an opportunity for you to take charge of your future and ensuring that you are using the best possible tools and strategies to accomplish your goals. My friend, you are investing in certainty. Gain the freedom of having a clear vision on the path for your business moving forward and stop worrying about the next deal you have to close.
    Triple Guarantee
    If you don’t think your investment was worth triple what you paid to attend the event you can stay the entire 2 days and if you aren’t happy we will refund you the price of your ticket and you can keep all the materials. No questions asked.
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